About Me

I live and work from home in Iowa with my husband and our farm cat named Mouse. We have three boys and two grand babies for now. I feel the Midwest is my home but was born in Colorado and have also lived in West Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, and Nebraska.

I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art right after High School. When I graduated from college in the late 80’s I had learned computer graphics on the first Apple computer. Through the years I had to teach myself computer graphics to keep my artistic side alive and relevant.

After college I worked in the bar business slinging drinks and exotic dancing. Later after moving to Texas I worked as a House Mom at a Dallas Gentlemen’s Clubs. They hired me to sit in the dressing room to keep an eye on the girls and be there gopher. While at work I would sew and design custom stripper clothes for the exotic dancers at that club.

A few years later I moved home to raise my family. Soon after the move we opened Basic Tease Boutique in Omaha, NE. Our lingerie store was open for almost 10 years. After the store closed in 2013 I started selling my exotic clothes on Etsy, and still do to this day.

I have been sewing intermittently for almost 30 years. Sewing has turned into a job for me. I’m feeling the fatigue in my hands and wrists from the repetitive motion of sewing. Technology enables me to be a teacher and step away from my sewing machine. I am delighted to share my trade with you.

My Sewing Space 2018
Welcome To My Sewing Room
My Patterns Before Digitized

About Basic Tease Inc Patterns

My aim with my PDF patterns is to share what was not available to me when I started sewing sexy. Each pattern was hand drafted in Adobe Illustrator. I taught myself how to make sewing patterns with hours of research online.

My first PDF sewing patterns offer step by step instructions along with YouTube videos on my channel. You can purchase newer patterns with step by step instructions through this website.  Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions that I can improve on. I am self-taught and always have more to learn.

I have manila envelopes filled with sexy sewing patterns I have made in the last 30 year. Let me know if you are looking something special. I will make a new pattern for you

New patterns will be released once a month for now. If my sexy PDF Patterns turn into a booming business I will offer more.

Shown in the photo are a few of my patterns before I digitize them.

About My YouTube Channel

I started making YouTube videos in 2016. You can refer to my early videos to make your own stripper clothes with my corresponding PDF Patterns. Some PDF patterns are free and other you must pay for on this website.

You could also start a business selling stripper clothes in your town or city.  Some of my videos offer helpful hints if your an entrepreneur.

I also offer other sexy dance stuff with friends and family on my channel.