Follow Along Sewing Tutorials 

I started  making follow along sewing tutorials for my sewing patterns  August 2016. I have edited and updated many of my sewing tutorials to make them shorter and more enjoyable for you.    Look for these 20 sewing patterns with follow along  sewing tutorial videos.

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Make A Mini Leg / Arm Garter

With this easy sewing tutorial you can use a home sewing machine. I use my industrial cover stitch machine for the finishing stitch.

Suggestion: Male dancers use these mini garters to show muscle definition in the bicep.

Measurements Used For This Sewing Tutorial: I never created a sewing pattern for this   tutorial. The longest dimension  is 14″ (smaller for bicep) The width could be anything over 1″ depending on the stitch settings on your sewing machine. Make sure you use a stretch stitch.

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