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Star Stand Alone Stage

Stripper Pole Rental

We rent the Star Stand Alone Dance Pole! This dance pole is portable and free standing (i.e., no ceiling or floor attachments are required), which makes it convenient to use indoors, outdoors, and at facilities that restrict guests from attaching objects to fixtures such as hotels, clubs, banquet halls, etc.  You may alternate its use from stationary to spinning pole modes simply by removing the locking pin. Our dance pole is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs of weight, and stands approximately 7.5-feet high (i.e., fits under normal 8-foot high home ceilings). The entire unit will assemble and disassemble in minutes. Check out this video for assembly.

24 HOURS $75.00          48 HOURS $125.00          WEEKLY RENTAL $300.00          712-847-0284          info@BasicTease.com

Proper installation and assembly instructions are available on this video. You assume any and all responsibility for proper installation, damage caused, and/or bodily injury that may occur from improperly installed or assembled products.

* 20 mile travel time round trip included. 
* Travel time in excess of 20 miles billed at $20 per hour in 5 min increments.