• Hooded Cowl Mini Dress With Open Back for Strippers and Exotic Dancers

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    Our Exotic Dancer Hooded Cowl Mini Dress with slinky fabric, metallic slinky fabric, or glitter slinky fabric is the style for you. Wear the hood for that incognito look. These fabrics are super sexy and they drape beautifully. We will email you slinky fabrics to choose from. This fabric is not always in stock. When using glitter slinky sometimes the glitter flakes off. The other slinky fabrics do not have the glitter sheen but drapes very nice. Hooded Slinky Cowl Dresses are available in sizes S/M and M/L.

    These items will be manufactured after YOU CHOOSE THE FABRIC print or solid you would like. Most fabric is shipped from New York and takes four or more business days for fabric delivery. We manufacture your items immediately after we receive YOUR FABRIC CHOICE.

    1) You place your order.
    2) We email you fabric print or solid choices available. Let us know your favorite fabric choice.
    3) Fabric ordered from New York may take up to 7 business days for delivery.
    4) Your items will be manufactured during regular business days (Monday-Friday).
    5) We ship your items.