Sew Along Sewing Tutorials 

I started  making sew along sewing tutorials for my sewing patterns  August 2016. I have edited and updated many of my sewing tutorials to make them shorter and more enjoyable for you.    Look for these 20 sewing patterns with follow along  sewing tutorial videos.

Mini Leg / Arm Garter Sew Along: With this easy sewing tutorial you can use a home sewing machine. I use my industrial cover stitch machine for the finishing stitch. Suggestion: Male dancers use these mini garters to show muscle definition in the bicep.

Measurements Used For This Sewing Tutorial: I never created a sewing pattern for this   tutorial. The longest dimension  is 14″ (smaller for bicep) The width could be anything over 1″ depending on the stitch settings on your sewing machine. Make sure you use a stretch stitch.

Accessorize Sewing Patterns
FREE Leg Garter Sewing Pattern:

I published this popular leg garter sew along sewing tutorial February 7, 2017. My sewing pattern also offers thicker width garter options.

Fingerless Gloves Sewing Pattern:

Sew along sewing tutorial makeover for fingerless gloves was uploaded October 25, 2019. My first sew along fingerless glove tutorial had bad audio. This sewing pattern has long and short length gloves.

Chaps Sewing Patterns
Skinny Leg Chaps Sewing Pattern:

I published this skinny leg chaps sew along sewing tutorial December 13, 2019. My straight leg chaps sewing pattern is a similar sewing pattern and you could use this follow along tutorial.

Robe Sewing Patterns
Wizard Sleeve Tie Front Robe Sewing Pattern:

I published this Tie Front Robe with Wizard Sleeve sew along sewing tutorial December 3, 2019. I used my serger to create a rolled hem in this video. I had a mini rolled hem machine years ago that I loved. It got smoke and water damage in a club that burned in Dallas. I had it in my locker 😩

Tie Front Halter Robe Sewing Patterns:

Sew along sewing tutorial for both my long length halter robe and short legth halter robe. I created this sewing pattern some time in the 90’s. The sew along tutorial was published December 27, 2019. The short robe is modeled my me. The long robe is a neighbor of mine who was helping me out.

Dress Sewing Patterns
Sexy Tube Dress Sewing Pattern:

This sexy tube dress sew along sewing tutorial was published October 4, 2019. The original was published September 23, 2016. My tube dress sewing pattern is more tailored in the back than others.

Thong Sewing Patterns
Wide Front Low Rise Thong Sewing Pattern:

I published this sew along sewing tutorial remake March 6, 2020. The original was published December 9, 2016. This wide thong sewing pattern in by far the best seller I had when I was selling at the clubs.

Super Low Rise Comfort Thong Sewing Pattern:

This sew along tutorial for my super low rise comfort thong was a customer request. I published this sew allong video May 25, 2018. Let me know if you need any help with any of my sewing patterns. I am here to help you in your sewing journey.

Wide Side Comfort Thong Sewing Pattern:

Here is my sew along tutorial for my wide side comfort thong makeover was published July 6, 2020. My original and much longer sew along video was published June 25, 2017. Some like to add elastic into this thong. I thought the sides cut into your skin less if you do not use the elastic.

Men Sewing Patterns
Narrow Side Man Thong Sewing Pattern:

This narrow side man thong sew along sewing tutorial is the most viewed on my YouTube channel and was published June 9, 2020. The original was published November 7, 2017. I got this sewing pattern from a women in Dallas that also made clothes. We became friends and collaborated and shared ideas.

Top Sewing Patterns
Binding / Piping Triangle Top Sewing Pattern:

I published this sew along tringle top sewing tutorial makeover September 4, 2020. The original video was published December 26, 2016. My triangle top sewing pattern offers a bit less coverage than your traditional triangle top. 

Tie Front Halter Top Sewing Pattern:

My tie front halter top follow along sewing tutorial was published on YouTube March 12, 2017. I never did a makeover for this one. I’m sure it could use one if I had the time. This tie front halter is a beginner sewing pattern. Make sure you have the stretch correct.

Darted Triangle Top Sewing Pattern:

This sew along tutorial for my darted triangle top video makeover was published February 22, 2020. My original and much longer sew along video was published January 22, 2017. This triangle top is more forgiving for a smaller bust.

Bodysuit Sewing Patterns
Plunging Super Low Rise Shorts Romper Sewing Pattern:

Plunging super low rise shorts romper sew along tutorial was published on my YouTube channel April 3, 2017. This plunging shorts bodysuit is great for all bust sizes. My bodysuits are a bit dated with the lower rise. I plan to make high rise sewing patterns in the future. 

Skirt Sewing Patterns
Jagged Edge Asymmetrical Skirt Sewing Pattern:

This asymmetrical skirt sew along tutorial was published on my YouTube channel October 14, 2016. I did not add a makeover for this video. If this sewing pattern side gig ever ends up being profitable I probably will. This skirt is a beginner sewing pattern.

Sorority School Girl Skirt Sewing Pattern:

My school girl skirt sew along tutorial makeover was published on my YouTube channel January 10, 2020. The original YouTube video was published August 19, 2016. It was suggested that the pleat example was way to fast in the new one.  I hope the tutorial is helpful to you.

Shorts Sewing Patterns
Tie Shorts with Loop Sewing Pattern:

I was exited to sharing this loop shorts sew along tutorial makeover on my channel January 24, 2020. The original shorts follow along tutorial was published September 3, 2016. I created this low rise shorts sewing pattern as a house mom in Dallas. 

Pole Fitness Shorts Sewing Pattern:

Pole fitness shorts sew along tutorial  was published on my YouTube channel September 30, 2016. No makeover was done for this one. Fortunately I made this shorts sewing tutorial only almost four minutes long. I tend to talk to much in my videos. Thanks for listening!

Micro Mini Shorts With Ruching Sewing Pattern:

This mini shorts sew along tutorial went live on my channel Nov 11, 2016. No makeover needed for this one. This micro mini shorts sewing tutorial is almost 3 minutes long for this beginners sewing pattern.