Helpful Hints When Working With Stretchy Fabric

How To Cut Stretchy Fabric:

When I started sewing I didn’t realize how important the grain of fabric was. In this tutorial I share with you some great tips for working with stretchy fabric. This video was published May 10, 2019.

How To Cut Binding:

When I started makeing outfits I mostly used elastic. One of my costume competitors at the club used binding. Her brand was popular so I taught myself how to sew binding. I cut the binding strips on my cutting table. This is how I did it. You can custom order binding if you want. I never found it cost effective.

My Sewing Space is Always Changing

These days my sewing space is more like a video production room. I have lights and arms for holding my GoPro above my cutting table. I also have a moveable one that I move around for my different sewing machines. In this video I share some great space saver ideas for a small sewing space.

Symbol Explanations

You will see the following symbols on the main photos of all my sewing patterns. I also have videos on using elastic in my sewing patterns and my thoughts and hints about using binding/piping. 

Binding Foot Symbol: I personally never used a binding foot. That is why I have suggested measurements for my binding on most of my binding sewing pattern instructions. 

Elastic Foot Symbol: The elastic foot to use is spacific to your personal sewing maching.  If you have a used sewing maching a repair shop can help you find what you need for your sewing machine.

What’s A Loop Turner:

I used a safety pin to pull my stings for years. Save yourself some time and get yourself a loop turner. 

My Industrial Sewing Machines

I purchased industrial sewing machines after my home machines would break. The plastic parts on sewing machines these days don’t hold up. You can start with a home machine. I used to sew a few hours a day.

Consew Streight Stitch Sewing Machine:

I had a YouTube subscriber interested in my industrial straight stitch sewing machine. After he asked a few times I made a video about my Consew. The video was published September 17, 2017. I used this one the least of all my machines when I was sewing  frequentily.

Juki Serger Sewing Machine:

People on YouTube started asking me to do more videos on my sewing machines. I listened and published this video about my sergers October 10, 2017. In this video I show you how to thread my industrial serger and the elastic attachment I purchased for it years ago. The attachment is mounted and not a foot.

Cover Stitch Sewing Machine:

My cover stitch sewing machine was the last industrial sewing machine I purchased. The shop that I purchased all the sewing machines from were great about showing me how to use them. In this video I show you how to thread the machine and the basic care of my cover stitch machine. This video was recorded January 5, 2019.