Helpful Sewing Tutorials

Add Rise To Shorts:

This YouTube video was an alteration I did for a customer. Things have gone back to the 80’s with high rise pants and shorts. Learn how to add rise with this tutorial.

DIY Drawstring Top:

Learn how to make a drawstring top starting with making your own sewing pattern. Then I show you how to assemble it in this educational sewing tutorial.

Sewing Tutorial Shorts

Add A Pucker In Your Outfits:

I love adding ruching to garments. I teach you how to add that gather with a piece of elastic in this sewing tutorial.

Create A Gather Stitch With Thread:

In this tutorial I show you how to add a gather stitch detail to your garments. The perfect place for a gather stitch is under the bust or at the shoulder of a sleeve.

Tuck In The Ends Of Ties:

When I started sewing I just overlapped my hems. Eventually I learned to tuck in the ends before I finished the stitch. YouTube was not around when I learned this. So I figured it out on my own. I hope you find this sewing tutorial helpful.

Add Some Bling:

I added rhinestones to my swimsuit and show you how to do it in this sewing tutorial. I love adding these stretch rhinestone notions to ruching at the booty or bust line.

Sewing Pattern Instructional Tutorials Videos

I started instructional tutorial videos for my sewing patterns in 2021. I’m playing catch up for some of my sewing patterns. I’m hoping to have instructional videos for all my sewing patterns eventually. Check out my YouTube channel for these videos if you find written instructions confusing.